Thanks for visiting my site and playing my game

My name is Lewis Fitzjohn and I’m the sole creator of super cube smash for the PC.

It was built on a fairly old PC (core duo & 4GB of ram) using Unity3D and Playmaker, and took around 3 years to build.

In mid 2014 I handed in my notice as a care worker in Bristol. I had decided that I should follow the path that I saw in front of myself. I wanted to be a games designer. When I think back even to when I was a young boy, I’ve always wanted to be a games designer. I love games and I love all of the visuals, music, design and artwork that can come out of them.

Computer game engines today (such as Source or Unreal) and development kits (like Unity) offer a realm by which all of my various interests into technology and the arts all seem to click into place. My whole life, I’ve been working on the skill-set to create games without so much noticing or realising it at the time. Many of us have been, and all of us have been working on the perfect skill-set toward something. Some walk of life, that leads to the creation of things, even if said things are simply thoughts in peoples minds.

As for the path of the games developer, we hone our skill-set towards this path every time we play video games. Every time we enjoy a piece of music for it’s production value or its instrumentation. Every time we doodle or draw, write, record, reorder, rename, rearrange we develop our skill-set. And for more and more of us at the start of the 21st century, we develop skills that are well adapted toward creating interactive digital experiences that incorporate increasingly more of the human senses and in ever higher fidelity.

There is a digital existence emerging amongst the human species. I choose to be involved and at the frontier of this incredible new artistic medium. But for now I will just focus on my first game.

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