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Many of the gatehouse levels on the world map can be accessed from two sides. The gate can be approached from the East or the West; The North or the South. This led me to something of a conundrum. How would I give the illusion of directional travel through the levels? If the player approaches a gatehouse from the Left, I would want them to play a level with the entrance on the left and the exit on the right, If they approach from the right, I would want them to start on the right and head toward the exit on the left.

At first I thought, if the player goes through a gatehouse in reverse, I could rotate the camera 180 degrees, and the player could play an upside down version of the level, this would save on file size and involve little effort on my part.

Instead however I have decided to go for a solution that causes the largest file size increase and involves a large¬†amount of work on my part. I decided to duplicate all of the gatehouse levels that can be approached from either side (that’s almost all of them), and modify the duplicate so that the player starts at the other side (where the exit was), the exits and entrances are swapped and the puzzles are reversed (which was quite puzzling for me). I also thought whilst I was in the mood of giving myself unnecessary excess work, I would rearrange all of the crates and make small structural changes to each duplicated level.

Here are some of the results. The left image, the player approaches from the left, the right image, from the right.


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