Level Up!



My levelling up system is ready and operational, and (as far as I can tell) bug free. I have distributed energy node pickups throughout the maps that can be spent on one of four attributes. Propulsion (top) Longevity (left) Protection (right) and Efficiency (bottom).


It is so far (what we would call in the gamer geek world) a build system with diminishing returns. Essentially there is not enough energy distributed throughout the game to fully maximise your character. One must therefore create a build. Does one go for the fast and healthy with low attack, or perhaps the slow and vulnerable with very high offence? There are many different possibilities. Our diminishing returns mean that you spend 1 energy note to acquire level 1 in a certain trait, 2 energy nodes for level 2, 3 for level 3 and so on. This makes it cheaper for the player to spread out their abilities than to specialize. I wouldn’t want you to specialize now. My cubes wouldn’t stand a chance!


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