Making friends with Blender

It took some doing, there were many blazing rows and disputes, but I feel as if Blender and I have come to an amicable understanding. I have beenĀ getting used to […]

Just a quick update, Version now comes with XBox 360 controller support. No need to change any options, just pick it up and play, the game with automatically switch […]

Level Up!

    My levelling up system is ready and operational, and (as far as I can tell) bug free. I have distributed energy node pickups throughout the maps that can […]

Spot the Difference

    Many of the gatehouse levels on the world map can be accessed from two sides. The gate can be approached from the East or the West; The North […]

Training Stage

I’ve decided to add a training stage to the start of the game, to help guide first time players. I’ve written some splattered writing on the floor to give messages […]

The World Map

I’ve placed my current levels onto a world map. I want the game to have a non inlier exploration element to it rather than a series of levels in succession. […]


Today, I finished designing and building all of the Gatehouse levels for the world map of Cubesmash. Gatehouses are levels that unlock other areas once completed. There are 9 of […]

I’ve been writing some of the soundtrack, this week. I made a Bandcamp page so that you can hear the tracks as I make them. You can also help to […]