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Super Cube Smash is now available for 14 days in an indie games bundle. Pick yourself up a cheap copy along with 5 other specially selected indie games. Click here […]

Super Cube Smash is now available on steam! Click here to go to the steam store page. store.steampowered.com/app/466280 A huge thank you to everyone who voted for my game on […]

Greenlight Success!!

To my surprise, Super Cube Smash has been Greenlit by the steam community, and can now be sold through the steam client when it is ready. I’d like to say […]

If you have a Steam account, please consider following this link and giving my game a thumbs up. Thank you. www.supercubesmash3d.com/CubeSmashSteamLink.php

Completed Gate Houses!

The ‘gate houses’ are stages that unlock more of the game once they are completed. After a year of play-testing and tweaking, it feels great to¬†finally tick the last items […]

Pipes n Pipes n Pipes

              A couple of simple objects can go a long long long long way. All of these pipes are constructed in a modular manner. […]


I’ve been playing around with RGB curves to make the game look more vibrant. After a days tweaking, I’ve gone ahead and made some fairly drastic changes. The saturation has […]

Apologies, it has been a while since the last blog update, Life has been getting in the way of the project of late, but do not despair. I’m still working […]

Version Doors and Force Fields Changelog – Replaced and reprogrammed the doors – Updated pillar systems to deactivate force fields as well as unlock doors. – Modified textures to make the wall space darker […]

Fixed lots of bugs. Smaller file size. Less (more efficient) code. Faster performance. Implemented a difficulty curve. The game starts much easier, but the more you complete, the harder it […]

Making Pottery

I have been using the ‘Screw’ modifier in Blender to create some pottery for a new level called the ‘Underhall’ Here is a good demonstration video of what the modifier […]

V0.6.1.3 A spot of polising

A polished mesh is a happy mesh. I have gone through all of my wall objects and removed their texture glitchyness. It’s a subtle difference but a step up in […]